I have now been a practicing Psychologist for over 35 years here in Edmonton but I have been a student of human nature for my entire life.  I believe that while it is important to be trained and trained well there are some innate gifts that help some people be better at being a Therapist or Counselor than others.  I believe that my deep love of people and desire to help people be the best that they can be has been the basis of my philosophy of psychology and therapy.
Over the decades I have seen Psychology in Edmonton and, indeed North America, change dramatically.  When I was in training Therapy was something that clients entered into with the understanding that it could be a long term process – based on the Freudian, Adlerian, Jungian, and Rogerian models.  Then Psychology moved into what at times felt like high gear and we began working on Solution Focused, Brief Therapy, Strategic interventions, and now we are working on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy paradigms that encourage identifying the issues or problems and then as quickly as possible developing solutions and new strategies for living.
The interesting thing in all of this that even though how we address the issues – the individuals and the issues that they are struggling with seem to be caught in the same unhappiness, anger, depression, and/or anxiety.  My Goal in therapy is to help the Individual, the Couple, the Parent and Child, the Senior and/or their children – find their through the hurts and issues that are robbing them of their Joy in life.
I have also been very involved in Psychological Assessments over the years – particularly Forensic Assessments.  I have seen a Custody Assessment go from a one or two hour interview to an intense examination of both parents and the children involved in hopes of coming up with the best possible option for the children involved. 

I have been involved in Personality Assessments and Cognitive Assessments that were once a blanket like approach that have evolved into specific and pin-pointed investigations that are designed to address specific questions – like level of Risk, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive abilities, Personality and Mental Health status.  I have worked hard to grow with the field.
Finally and I think most importantly I know now that every client I have worked with has taught me something new and I hope that I have been able to contribute to their growth and happiness – their comfort and excitement in life.  I think that my 35 years in Practice have helped develop wisdom – thoughtfulness – and clarity of insight in working with the Individuals, Couples, Parents and children – who become my clients.